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Bạn đang xem: Cosrx

There are much better toners on the market. Didn"t really notice any difference in my skin after using this.

I use this as a gentle toner/exfoliator in my nighttime routine and it"s pretty good. I haven"t noticed any drastic changes in my skin good or bad, however, I vị notice when it"s missing. I definitely recommend it if you"re interested in getting it.

This has become my favorite toner! I am 48 with very oily, yet dehydrated skin with blotchiness & prone khổng lồ breakouts. This never breaks me out, & even though it feels so light, it seems to be the only toner lately that will clear up my skin and smooth it out. I pair it with the COSRX Two in One Poreless power nguồn Liquid often và my makeup applies so much better. Highly recommend!!

I"ve used this for a very long time and I really like it. I use it to get off any excess dead skin after my double cleanse. It wets the skin for hyaluronic acid.

I don"t think this is doing anything for my skin. Nothing has changed. I think the AHA & BHA percentages are too low to lớn be effective. Feels lượt thích spraying tap water on my face. Should be priced much lower.

While this toner has aha và bha acids, it is gentle and good for everyday use. I enjoyed it, but didn"t notice any long lasting results. This toner was an additional step with other acids in my skincare

Genuinely surprised, it is soothing & gentle. It also seems to lớn hydrate the skin which is perfect right before applying a serum.

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This is my favorite toner to lớn use when prepping my skin for makeup. I like to use this toner right after washing my face, wait 5 minutes, & then put on a hydrating primer - my skin is smoother and my makeup lasts so much longer. It"s also great on those lazy days when I don"t feel like doing a multi-step routine after cleansing. I have been using this for years & I love it!

I have repurchased this toner several times. It is extremely gentle & non-irratating. On it"s own, it doesn"t vày much but I like to use it prior khổng lồ other actives in order to prep the skin.

use it a few times a week and u will be good. Always start slow. It has acids so it def does something khổng lồ the skin!



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