Alone on the Fist of the First Men, Samwell Tarly approaches a kneeling man of the Watch và realizes the man has been decapitated. A wight attacks Sam, but Ghost, Lord Commander Mormont, và the remaining brothers arrive and set it on fire. Mormont is furious when he learns that Sam hasn"t sent the ravens as instructed. He tells his men they will need to lớn make it back khổng lồ Castle black to warn the kingdom.

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Jon Snow enters Mance Rayder"s camp, marveling at the number of refugees & the strangeness of it all. He mistakes Tormund Gianstbane for the King Beyond the Wall và kneels before him, unaware that Mance is the unassuming one standing in the back. Mance questions Jon"s reasons for abandoning the Watch and Jon says Mormont betrayed him: When he told the Lord Commander that Craster was sacrificing his newborn sons, Mormont already knew.

In King"s Landing, Tyrion Lannister adjusts khổng lồ his scars và reduced circumstances. Believing his sister responsible for the attempt on his life, Tyrion is jumpy when she visits. Queen Cersei demands lớn know what business he plans to lớn discuss with their father. Having been summoned by Podrick Payne, Bronn exchanges sharp words with Ser Meryn Trant outside of Tyrion"s door. Meryn accuses the newly knighted Bronn of the Blackwater of being an up-jumper. After Cersei leaves, Bronn tells Tyrion he is doubling his prices.

Sansa Stark & Shae watch ships as they sail from the harbor. When Lord Petyr Baelish and Ros approach, Ros hangs back with Shae while Littlefinger whispers with Sansa. Staring out at the sea, Sansa begs Littlefinger to take her away from King"s Landing. Initially coy, Littlefinger promises he will. Ros asks Shae to watch out for Sansa--especially around Littlefinger.

Davos Seaworth is plucked from the rocky shores of Blackwater cất cánh by a passing ship--one that belongs to lớn Salladhor Saan. The pirate tells his old friend to lớn give up; Stannis Baratheon is licking his wounds at Dragonstone và completely under Melisandre"s spell. Davos insists he needs to lớn go to lớn Stannis so he can stop her. Certain he will fail, Salladhor tells Davos he will gather his bones for his widow khổng lồ wear around her neck.

At Dragonstone, Davos appeals to lớn Stannis to lớn stop persecuting non-believers of the Lord of Light. When Davos declares Melisandre his enemy, she tells him her presence would have changed the course of the Battle of the Blackwater. "You convinced your king khổng lồ leave me behind," she reminds him before taunting him with memories of his dying son. Davos attacks Melisandre, but is held back & imprisoned by Stannis.

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Robb Stark"s army marches to Harrenhal only to find the castle already abandoned and riddled with corpses. Catelyn Stark grieves for a fallen bannerman, Ser Jeremy Mallister, whose body toàn thân she spots in the carnage, but Robb has her escorted khổng lồ a "chamber that will serve as a cell." Talisa chides him for treating his mother this way, but Robb tells her that his concern is for his men, including Lord Rickard Karstark: By freeing Jaime Lannister, Catelyn has robbed them of their justice. Next khổng lồ Ser Jeremy, a body coughs. The two discover Qyburn, a prisoner with a cut throat.

Daenerys Targaryen watches as her Dothrakis, the first ever lớn set sail, cope with massive seasickness on the seas between Qarth và Astapor. She feeds her growing dragons and tells Jorah Mormont she wishes they would grow faster. Although Ser Jorah speaks highly of Astapor"s Unsullied soldiers, Dany worries that they are a slave army. Jorah tells her she won"t have a true khalasar until she can prove her strength.

Now Hand of the King, Tywin Lannister forces Tyrion khổng lồ wait as he finishes his correspondence. When he finally gives his son his attention, he reprimands Tyrion for bringing a whore to his bed, in direct defiance of his orders. The two face off: Tyrion points out that Tywin never once visited him after he fell in battle, a battle Tyrion is responsible for winning. He wants what is his by right: Casterly Rock. Tywin agrees khổng lồ find Tyrion better accommodation, a sufficient position & a suitable wife, but he tells his youngest that Casterly Rock will never be his. "To teach me humility, the gods have condemned me to lớn watch you waddle about wearing that proud lion that was my father"s sigil," he thunders. He warns Tyrion that the next whore he catches him with will hang.

Traveling in separate litters with Lady Margaery, King Joffrey is startled when his stops in the streets of Flea Bottom. From the safety of his compartment, he watches Margaery step through the filthy streets into an orphanage. Inside, Margaery charms the children và distributes toys & bread. When Loras Tyrell and Margaery join Joffrey & Cersei for dinner, Cersei makes pointed remarks about Margaery"s revealing wardrobe. After Margaery deflects her criticism, Cersei mentions the impromptu stop in Flea Bottom. She tries to bring up the riot that took the life of the High Septon, but Joffrey shuts her down, telling his guests that age has increased Cersei"s "flair for drama."

In Astapor, Dany takes stock of the Unsullied that the slave master Kraznys parades before her. With help from Missandei, his servant who translates the High Valyrian, Dany learns that the warriors are trained as children, & only one in four boys--the most disciplined, loyal và fearless--survive its rigors. Lớn prove it, Kraznys cuts off the nipple of one soldier, who remains stock-still. Kraznys gives Dany a day khổng lồ decide if she is interested in his 8,000 men.

Along the waterfront, Dany debates the value of the Unsullied with Ser Jorah. She worries about being a slave owner but Ser Jorah assures her she will be a fair master. A cloaked man follows them as they walk along the docks. Dany"s attention is drawn lớn a little girl who rolls a ball towards her & asks her to open it. As Dany untwists the painted ball, the hooded man knocks it from her và stabs the poisonous manticore that crawls from it. As Ser Jorah takes hold of the man, the girl, now brandishing stained blue lips & teeth, disappears through the crowd. Dany realizes the warlocks of Qarth are after her. Dany thanks the hooded man, who kneels before her và reveals himself. Ser Barristan Selmy, who served as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard until Joffrey forced his retirement, pledges himself to lớn Daenerys Stormborn and asks her for forgiveness.