When Tony Stark uttered the words “I love you 3000” at the kết thúc ofAvengers: Endgame, it broke the hearts of millions. The words exchanged between Stark & his daughter gained fame, and have many wondering how they came khổng lồ be. As it turns out, the line almost wasn’t in the movie.

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Tony and Morgan Stark. Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

“I love you 3000” is one of the most remembered lines fromAvengers: Endgame.The line has been the source of memes, songs, and Disney’s 3d event: “We Love You 3000 Tour.” Morgan Stark, played by actress Lexi Rabe, is the young daughter of Tony Stark & speaks this line for the first time in the movie.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe welcomed Downey when he debuted as Tony Stark/Iron Man in 2008. He has appeared as Tony Stark in 10 MCU films. He will also appear inBlack Widow, the release of which has been postponed due khổng lồ Coronavirus concerns.

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Origin of “I Love You 3000”

An article by Justin Wong of CBR.comexplains the adorable origin of “I love you 3000.” The phrase was originally supposed to be “I love you tons.” However, Robert Downey Jr. Requested that the line be changed to something more personal. “I love you 3000” is something that his own children say lớn him.

Downey has three children, ranging in age from 5 to lớn 26 years old. He credits his family as one of the reasons he has overcome drug addiction.


Photo Credit: CelebBabyLaundry.com


If you have managed khổng lồ not seeAvengers: Endgame just yet,spoilers are mentioned ahead!

After Tony Stark’s untimely passing, a pre-recorded message from him is played at his funeral. The holographic Stark utters his final words khổng lồ his daughter: “I love you 3000.” The moment is beautiful và heartbreaking. As a result, the phrase has become synonymous with the highest expression of love. See the final moment in the video below:

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