Britney Spears may have just thrown some subtle shade at her ex Justin Timberlake. 

In a new video Spears posted on Instagram, the pop queen joked about her ex-boyfriend's 2003 music video for “Cry Me a River.” For context: After their 2002 breakup, Timberlake released the “Cry Me a River” video, which features a Spears look-alike cheating on him.

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(The model in the video wears several early-2000s Britney-style staples: boot-cut jeans, a blazer with flared sleeves, a newsboy cap, etc. The look-alike even has a similar haircut to Spears's at the time.).

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This narrative of “Britney cheated!” dominated the tabloids, and soon Spears was made to be the villain of their split. 

But Spears is having the last laugh. In February 2021, Timberlake publicly apologized for his involvement in Spears's character assassination in the 2000s. And in Brit's new Instagram video, she tries on several different looks, including one reminiscent of the look-alike’s in “Cry Me a River.” She couldn't help but make a little joke in the caption: “Thoughts while making this video