The immediate past Dean of the College of Agricultural Management & Rural Development (COLAMRUD), Prof. Adewale Dipeolu has charged members of staff lớn plan their retirement early while in service to lớn avoid falling into depression or anxiety on retirement.

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He spoke during the Send Forth Ceremony in honour of Prof. Caroline Afolami, organised by the Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management (AEFM).

Prof. Adewale Dipeolu charging members of staff at the event.

Prof. Dipeolu identified five stages of retirement to include; before retirement stage which involves imagining the new life & planning for it, the second stage is the honeymoon phase which according to lớn him is the stage of feeling excited, relief and freedom from the stress & responsibilities of day-to-day working life, which he said, may be spent reconciling và reconnecting with family, friends, spouses, hobbies & starting a new business.

According khổng lồ him, the third stage is the disenchantment stage when the once high emotion of retirement has worn off and the honeymoon period is over, hence leaving many with the feel of a sense of disappointment và disillusionment.

The celebrant, Prof. (Mrs.) Caroline Afolami (4th Right) and her husband, Prof. Steven Afolami (3rd Left) surrounded by well-wishers during the send-forth programme.

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According khổng lồ him, the fourth stage is reorientation phase which is when retirees try to adjust their to-do list, may be as a result or feelings of loss of purpose.

The Don stated that the final stage is the reconciliation và stability period, where retirees are contented and hopeful in their transition và as such experienced less depression và anxiety.

He encouraged them khổng lồ take steps to lớn address downsides such as boredom, loneliness & feeling of uselessness which if not addressed, the individual may slip into depression.

Prof. Dipeolu commended the celebrant for starting well, running hard và finishing strong, stressing that the retiring Professor would be remembered for her principles of hard work, diligence and determination.

In her Goodwill Message, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Prof. Bolanle Akeredolu-Ale commended the retiree for her dependable, responsible và uncompromising disposition, adding that she is happy và honoured to be one of the very few in her circle.

She prayed for God’s blessings, good health, perpetual happiness, joy & loads of exciting moments for her.