Lee Seo-jin, a TV host on the reality show Grandpas Over Flowers and Three Meals a Day, has been questioned about his relationship status. The actor of Marriage Contract is known for having dated several actress throughout his career journey, but until now, there hasn’t been any confirmation about the real state of his love life. Vì chưng you think he’s already married? After dating fellow celebrities several times, and never having it over with a wedding, Lee chooses khổng lồ keep his relationships private. Even though there are no official statements, rumors of his dates have spread among people.

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In this article, we will give you Lee Seo-jin’s relationship journey. Let’s find out who are Lee Seo-jin’s ex- and current girlfriends!

Dating Rumors About Lee Seo-jin


Kim Jung-eun


Lee Seo–jin và Kim Jung-eun, who were one of the most openly affectionate couples in the K-entertainment sphere and were largely expected lớn announce wedding plans sometime soon, have, instead, broken it off.

Kim Jung-eun and Lee Seo-jin started dating while filming the 2006 SBS drama Lovers, & had been going strong ever since. In the two years they were dating, they were one of a few celebrity couples who were mở cửa about their relationship status (many others choose khổng lồ be coy, denying rumors even when they’re obvious khổng lồ the public), và were occasionally seen in public on dates together.

Both stars were effusive in their praise for the other, and Lee Seo-jin even appeared on Kim Jung-eun’s variety show (Chocolate) to serenade her with a love song, singing the same love theme that marked their characters’ romance in the drama Lovers.

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A Sudden Break Up

The two traveled khổng lồ the U.S. Together as recently as that summer, và shot a fashion spread together in thủ đô new york in September 2008.

So it was a bit shock khổng lồ hear from Kim Jung-eun’s own lips that the couple was no more. She admitted it in press interviews on November 22, 2008, saying she couldn’t keep lying khổng lồ the public further — the split occurred at the over of October. It’s particularly surprising since the couple hadn’t given signs of much trouble or fighting leading up to this news.

pinterestKim didn’t Want to Break Up?

Kim confessed that it was a one-sided decision; Lee initiated the break-up, which came as a shock to lớn her. She fought tears as she conducted her interview, saying, “It felt lượt thích I’d been in an unexpected oto accident” và “I felt lượt thích I’d been shot.

She admits that it was difficult dealing with the shock of the breakup, & had just begun work on her new series, General Hospital 2, when Lee dumped her. The drama just began airing this Wednesday on MBC.