Running Man is a South Korean variety show & is part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup. It first aired on July 11, 2010 and is one of the longest running variety programs, having aired over 240 episodes.

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Many of them have been excellent, but some of them have been truly ground-breaking television events. Below are the ten episodes that mark the transformation of Running Man from a fun variety show into a monumental TV program that continues lớn elevate the quality of Korean entertainment.

What do you think are the greatest episodes of Running Man and why?

SPOILER ALERT: Contents below contain winners of the episodes & other details.


Episode 63: Couple Race


Each player was paired with an SNSD thành viên and the pairs then battled it out lớn become the episode’s best couple.


The members of SNSD! Which includes:


Why It’s a Milestone:

In this episode, the men met their match.

Many female guests of Running Man simply end up being eye candy. They’re nice to look at but never really contribute much khổng lồ the comedy or to lớn the games. This episode is the first time the girls actively participated & really added to lớn the entertainment value of the show along with the men.

This episode set the standard for the couple race.

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Yuri và Lee Kwang Soo và Yoona and Yoo Jae Suk


Episode 8


The teams must earn the running balls. The location: Seoul Museum of History and Gyeonghui Palace.


Lee Joon from MBLAQPark Jun-gyuVictoria from f(x)

Why It’s a Milestone:

The role of commander và the two kids was solidified.

In Running Man, as in all variety shows, characters và roles develop over time. One of the most memorable groups to have ever formed in Korean variety entertainment is the commander and the two kids, a group that was established in this episode.

This episode had the funniest leisurely tea.

Many remember this segment for Kang Gary’s surprising lãng mạn remark about song Ji Hyo, when there was the first hint of romance between the two. However, this was also bigger than just that comment. Overall, this is the funniest leisurely tea segment the cast has ever done. The cast proved they could sustain over fifteen minutes of doing nothing simply because they are very funny.

This episode went deep.

The production team showcased old videos of the cast, choosing videos that showed the “hardships” members went through to lớn get where they are. Some of the moments were emotionally touching for the audience.