From the 14th to lớn 18th October 2015, Ho bỏ ra Minh city will witness its second edition of the largest international fashion week to have taken place in Vietnam.

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Following the tremendous success of last year’s inaugural Vietnam International Fashion Week, organisers FIDé Fashion Weeks & Multimedia JSC are delighted lớn join forces once again for the second edition of the Vietnam International Fashion Week khổng lồ be held at GEM Center, in Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

It will present 7 acclaimed international designers alongside 12 leading Vietnamese designers in Vietnam’s most significant fashion sự kiện to date. Attended by a host of international celebrities, VIP guests và the world’s foremost media, this will be a key milestone in Vietnam’s fashion history.

From the world stage will be seven leading couturiers representing La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, AltaRoma & the Asian Couture Federation. This will include Paris-based duo Livia Stoianova và Yassen Samouilov of On Aura Tout Vu và Julien Fournié thành viên designer of La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. From Italy, will be famed Alta Roma couturier, Renato Balestra.

From the Asian Couture Federation will be Asian Couturier Extraordinaire Sebastian Gunawan from Indonesia & Yumi Katsura from Japan. Invited member Alvin Fernandez of Ae’lkemi in australia will also be presenting. Rounding off the international line up will be Philippines’ couturier Ezra Santos who is based in Dubai. Commenting on the international line up, Dr. Frank Cintamani, Founding President of the Asian Couture Federation (ACF) and Chairman of FIDé Fashion Weeks said “This year’s international presence of leading couturiers represents some of the most exceptional couture talent from across the globe. Each brings their own chất lượng perspective but all mô tả the common values of the highest standards in creating breathtaking work.”

Representing Vietnam will be 12 exciting & talented designers, all of whom demonstrate the varied and diverse styles of Vietnam’s leading fashion talent. These include Phuong My, Thủy Nguyên Designer House, Vincent Doàn, Hoàng Minh Hà (also an ACF thành viên Designer), Canifa by Châu Chấn Hưng, Li Lam, Vietino – quang đãng Viet, Lý Giám Tiền, Victoria Huyền Nguyễn – I Hate Fashion, Giao Linh, Adrian Anh Tuấn and PNJ Collection. Covering the full spectrum of creativity and styles, this will reinforce Vietnam’s reputation for talent & creativity.

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The biggest highlight of the fashion week will have to be the pre-launch of COUTURíSSIMO™ – a groundbreaking online portal, which will be a bridge between couture and consumers.

As the only premium site offering access to Couture creations at Ready-to-Wear prices, và designed by officially-recognised couture designers, COUTURíSSIMO™ represents a unique opportunity for international collaboration and a platform for emerging designers khổng lồ bring couture talent and style to lớn a worldwide audience. Its mission is khổng lồ not only extend the reach of today’s best-in-class designers, but also to lớn nurture tomorrow’s visionaries. COUTURíSSIMO™ provides a much-needed platform lớn bring these designers to a global market & provide them with a commercial opportunity to vì chưng so.

As part of this new initiative, two of Vietnam’s most exciting new couture talents L. Giám Tiền and Hoàng Minh Hà have developed a special collection for COUTURíSSIMO™. This has been overseen by Livia Stoianova & Yassen Samouilov of French couture house On Aura Tout Vu, who are the Creative Directors of COUTURíSSIMO™.

Commenting on the collaboration, Livia Stoianova, one of the Creative Directors of Couturissimo said, “We are delighted to lớn be part of this exciting new platform. Both Yassen & I nói qua a deep passion for couture & for promoting creative talent, and COUTURíSSIMO™ is a wonderful opportunity for us to bởi so. There is a tremendous range of talented young designers around the world, and Lý Giám Tiền and Hoang Minh Ha are two exceptional examples of this. We are looking forward lớn present their collections for COUTURíSSIMO™ as part of this year’s Vietnam International Fashion Week.”

Audiences & guests will have an opportunity to see this collection first hand at the COUTURíSSIMO™ fashion show at Vietnam International Fashion Week 2015 on 18th October 2015.



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