“Where did you come from, cotton eyed Joe?” bởi vì you remember this line? You got it right! It’s from the Rednex. Outside of sporting events, the Rednex tune is rarely heard these days, but the lyrics of their songs marked on people’s minds.

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The tuy vậy “Cotton-Eyed Joe” is mostly remembered with its fascinating question, Where did you come from? There are no records about the author và origin of the fiddle-fueled song, but there are a lot of historians who knew about this enduring ditty. The tuy nhiên became a massive hit for Rednex in 1995. Rednex is a group of Swedish techno musicians playing dress-up in straw hats & dirty over-all.

Rednex (http://www.ame-media.de)

The song’s genesis

“Cotton-Eyed Joe” originated with đen slaves well before the Civil War. Regardless of where exactly the tuy nhiên was born, it spread quickly throughout the South, becoming a square-dance favorite. An 1875 issue of The Saturday Evening Post contains a story referencing the song, & in 1884, The Firemen’s Magazine dubbed the tune “an old, familiar air.” The first 78 rpm recordings of “Cotton-Eyed Joe” began surfacing in 1927 when the string band Dykes Magic đô thị Trio cut the earliest known version.

Rednex. Cotton-eyed Joe (http://www.cottoneyejoe.se)

Cotton-eyed Joe

The tuy vậy leaves the listeners a mystery about what “cotton-eyed” means. According lớn the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, the term describes “prominent whites of the eyes.” For some, they interpreted the song as an old man named Joe, who was wasted on moonshine. He became blind from wood alcohol, or other possible instance, he may have been suffering from medical conditions like trachoma, glaucoma or cataracts. Urban legend, agrees that “Cotton-Eyed Joe” is really about STDs in general, there needs a little more proof to tư vấn the theory though.

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On the other hand, one online archive records noted that there have been more than 130 recorded versions since its first release.

So if you feel lượt thích dancing with the tuy vậy or just listening lớn it, here’s the đoạn clip for you.

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