The announcement of Running Man Vietnamese version with local name “Chay di cho chi” is co-produced by MMG with SBS Korea Korea, which promises to lớn be a prominent highlight in Vietnam’s reality TV shows market in the near future.

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Since middle of 2018, Madison MediaGroup (MMG) has created a craze amongst publicity when confirming sign-off license with Korean Partner – SBS, and will bring Korea’s Running Man Show khổng lồ Vietnam.

At the present time, although not yet broadcasted but Chay Di mang lại Chi – the Vietnamese version of Running Man has become the focus of attention when announcing 7 main members, all are famous artists: Tran Thanh, Ngo Kien Huy, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Jun Pham, BB Tran, Truong The Vinh and Lien Binh Phat. Besides, the participation of a strong & professional production team from SBS Korea certainly has reassured for the quality of the program. This “Reality show” has driven public attention lớn the investors as well as the journey khổng lồ bring Chay Di cho Chi to lớn Vietnamese audience.


DirectInvestment & Cooperationwith SBS Korean team

Experienced & professional production team from SBS Korea

Besides, although the participation of the professional production team from SBS Korea makes the audience feel confident and expect more in qualified reality show. From a producer perspective, this can be said to be a challenge & opportunity to lớn learn for both crews. Language barriers, as well as culture, environment và technology, make cooperation take a lot of time. However, despite the difficulties, the fact that SBS brought “original” production forces khổng lồ Vietnam & started to produce Run và Wait is also the advantage of the program in the reality of the television market is blooming.

First, khổng lồ talk about Korea’s Running Man, during 9 years of broadcasting with more than 400 episodes, this reality TV program has affirmed its leading position with the love of millions of audiences around the world and numerous awards Prestigious reward. The community of fans of the program in other countries, like Vietnam, is crowded and passionate, not inferior to lớn that of a popular K-pop group. Therefore, the initialization of Running Man at the beginning was really a big event that caused the audience lớn flutter. The news of “father” SBS participating in the production process has made fans more confident and more inclined to support positive than doubt.

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The cooperation between the two Vietnamese và Korean crews

Besides, in terms of quality,cooperative production with a lot of experience of Korea’s famous TV station isalso a great opportunity for Vietnamese learners. The “quintessence”that SBS has obtained in 9 years with Running man is filtered & transmittedto the Vietnamese side. Plus the production team from MMG is also a quality,good và experienced team. Although there are difficulties in communicationbecause of the same goal is the unique of the program, both crews try theirbest to exchange and tư vấn each other to lớn promise to bring the audience beautifulscenes, as well as the most unique, fun, attractive content.

Effortsto ensure pure Vietnamese character

Learning from the Korean side, but MMG is committed to the goal of being a true Vietnamese version of Run and Wait, from nội dung to key members that are close khổng lồ Vietnamese audiences rather than copies of the version come on. What is interesting is that this “Vietnamese substance” is the unity between both Korean và Vietnamese, not just from one side. SBS supports chất lượng assurance, but it is also they who have taken the time lớn Vietnam to lớn explore & refine the specific cultural content of Vietnam to lớn be included in the program. Mr James Hah, the director of the show, affirmed: “The Vietnamese version of the Running Man will bring new colours, with its own characteristics, modern, và at the same time bringVietnamese culture.

Ms Nguyen Thi Phuong Hoa, representative of MMG

On the Vietnamese side, MMGrepresentative, Ms Nguyen Thi Phuong Hoa also shared: “The goal is to make the format of Running man in Korea, but stillensure lớn include Vietnamese customs và practices in the contentprogram.”

Until now, when the program hasentered the production stage và prepared khổng lồ broadcast, Vietnamese has beeneasily seen. From the name of Run toWait, a very Vietnamese “speaking style”, to the official imageof 7 main members, each person has a close “running” approach, almostwrapping up the whole image of Vietnamese society. Equally important is thatthe 7 main members, both young & professional, serious và professionalartists, have their own chất lượng personality, creating something new for theprogram. They come khổng lồ the game with the mind that they bởi not have to lớn immersethemselves in the fierce race but promote, connect with friends và teammatesand bring joyful laughter to the audience. In addition, at each broadcastepisode, there are other famous guest artists participating to increase theattractiveness of the games of Run andWait.

With the seriousness andthoroughness of investment in production from MMG & SBS, Running for Waitingis ready to enter the reality television race starting from early April 2019 onHTV7 channel, Ho bỏ ra Minh city Television. Currently, the information andimages of the program have been regularly updated on official channelsFacebook, Instagram, Website, và Youtube channel Running Man Vietnam with thename Run khổng lồ Wait.