Well-known khổng lồ worldwide avid K-pop fans on YouTube, Vietnamese K-pop dance cover group, St.319, recently released their latest dance cover clip of BoA’s Only One on October 15.

Bạn đang xem: Min from st

This video, featuring one of their regular dancers, Min (or Nguyen Minh Hang), has garnered interest on the various social media within a day of its release, attracting more than 60,000 views on the YouTube. Within two hours of the đoạn clip release, the chất lượng storyboard và well-executed dance choreography had caught the attention of many and even prompted a personal tweet reply from the Queen of Korean Pop, BoA, herself.

She tweeted:

‘’Wow!! Impressed!! Thnx!’’

Her affectionate response is largely seen as a positive recognition of the hard work và efforts that the talented dance group has put in lớn pull out a good production all by themselves, for their idols và spreading of the Korean Wave in Vietnam và the world. Her re-tweet has also directed many of her followers lớn watch the dance cover video, with many leaving positive comments of this dance cover by lead dancer, Min.

Xem thêm: Cẩm Nang Cách Tạo Khối Cho Từng Khuôn Mặt Thon Gọn Hơn, Hướng Dẫn Cách Tạo Khối Cho Từng Dạng Khuôn Mặt

Watch the video below:

Read our exclusive interview with St.319 here.

Source: St.319, BoA’s Twitter

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