Vietnamese singer Son Tung M-TP has gained great success in world-level with his comeback single “Hay Trao mang lại Anh” (Give It khổng lồ Me).

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Twelve hours after Son Tung released “Hay Trao mang lại Anh” MV, the singer’s latest music work has proven itself a “monster” in the music industry of Vietnam, of Asia or even around the world thanks to lớn the overwhelming records it has set.


First, “Hay Trao đến Anh” easily reached Top 1 Trending YouTube in Vietnam at around 2am, only 6 hours after its release. At the moment, the MV has reached 12 million views with more than 1.2 million likes & nearly 170,000 comments.

Besides, statistics recorded as of 11am on July 2 showed the music video clip reaching Top 2 Trending in Canada, vị trí cao nhất 7 Trending in America, top 5 Trending in South Korea, top 3 Trending in Australia, top 28 Trending in Singapore and Top 8 Trending in Taiwan.

The records “Hay Trao mang đến Anh” MV phối after 12 hours of being released.

In the international arena, “Hay Trao mang lại Anh” became the world’s most viewed MV on July 1 while being ranked 14th on YouTube’s global đứng top Trending. The MV was also recorded as the most viewed MV in Asia on the same day.

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In Asia, Son Tung’s MV has also crowned as the most viewed MV during the past 24 hours.

So far, Son Tung M-TP và his companion in this music product, nhathocusg.com Network *, together has established “golden records” in the Vietnamese music industry: Reaching 1 million views in just 8 minutes, 2 million views in 14 minutes, 5 million views in 1 hour and 10 million views in 3 hours (in real time).

* nhathocusg.com Network is the leading digital entertainment company & multi-channel YouTube network in Vietnam, which supports promoting, distributing, trading & producing video for online nội dung producers in a wide range of fields.

With a rise of influencers in 2018, nhathocusg.com Network has so far had more than 1,700 partners who produce nội dung to meet all the demands of trends in music, webdrama, vlog, gaming...for young people. Some outstanding partners of nhathocusg.com Network include Son Tung M-TP, đưa ra Pu, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Phuong Ly, Viruss, PewPew, Huynh Lap, Trang TV... With ceaseless creativity, nhathocusg.com Network has helped create more than 3 billion views monthly.

Besides, “Hay Trao cho Anh” is the MV which passed 1 million likes in the shortest time in Vpop history (2 hours 49 minutes). Also, it’s the third world’s most-viewed MV at premiere with 635,000 views, following BlackPink’s “Kill This Love” và Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next.”

In iTunes Vietnam arena, “Hay Trao mang đến Anh” quickly won đứng đầu of the iTunes đứng top Songs chart, becoming the tuy vậy with the highest digital sales khổng lồ date.

SƠN TÙNG M-TP | HÃY TRAO cho ANH ft. Snoop Dogg | Official MV