If you’ve been a fan of BIGBANG for long, you would’ve probably watched “Let’s Not Fall in Love” at least a million times. Back then, the music video clip made waves as everyone tried khổng lồ figure out just who the rookie actresses featured in the music đoạn phim were. Amongst the five, there were actresses Ha Yeon Soo, Kim Yoon Hye, models Lauren TseLee Ho Jung, as well as a very familiar face, actress Seo Ye Ji.

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With the popularity of her new drama, It’s Okay Not to lớn Be Okay, fans are coming back lớn the music video clip to admire her fresh beauty & chemistry with G-DRAGON!

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She looks just as beautiful as she does now, although with a more fresh-faced & youthful charm compared to her flashy & glamorous character, Ko Moon Young.

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The pair certainly made many fans jealous back in the day, with their effortless skinship & couple acting.

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Fans that have returned to lớn revisit the music video clip in recent weeks have commented that most have indeed come to lớn the music đoạn clip after Seo Ye Ji’s recent fame.



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