Zoom"s past is revealed as he comes for The Flash"s speed, proving how both he & Barry are alike yet completely different




With great power nguồn comes great responsibility, và without a great tư vấn system, that great power nguồn can become an instrument for chaos and destruction. The opening minutes of “Versus Zoom” offer a glimpse into a life experience not unlike one integral khổng lồ Barry Allen that happened to lớn Hunter Zolomon.

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Barry’s mother was killed in front of him, but he found a nnhathocusg.com family in Joe và Iris West who helped him through the worst time in his life.

Hunter Zolomon also saw his mother killed, shot khổng lồ death by his own father (who placed a familiar helmet on his head), before he was carted off khổng lồ Earth Two’s Central thành phố orphanage. None of his relatives wanted him, & he entered a seemingly bleak nnhathocusg.com home. He was alone, và so Zoom was born.

And “Versus Zoom” pits the two similar yet wholly quality speedsters against one another again as Barry và the team find a way to xuất hiện a portal to lớn Earth Two. It all starts with Barry using the nnhathocusg.com tachyon converter lớn increase his speed by four times his usual pace, which is faster than even Zoom, according lớn Harry. (The tachyon brace on his chest also leads Barry to temporarily jump dimensions, though Supergirl vinhathocusg.comers will have a good idea of where he went.)

Now the only hurdle they face is reopening a portal between their Earth and Earth Two, a conundrum for which Barry thinks he has a solution. Cisco’s Earth Two counterpart Reverb had control of multidimensional energy, so feasibly Cisco should be able lớn control that energy as well. & if Reverb could tap into the energy connecting the multiverse, so too can Cisco, and thus, if he gains control of his powers, he could feasibly create a nnhathocusg.com portal.

It’s a plan Harry wants no part in. Zoom has nothing of his own to lớn care for, but he will go after anything and anyone they love. Harry wants lớn focus on finding his daughter; he doesn’t want to lớn reintroduce the man who kidnapped her khổng lồ their current home. He even goes to lớn ask Joe for help in forcing Barry to lớn abandon this notion. (He’s also asked Joe lớn be on the lookout for his daughter.)

Joe says he can’t. Not that he doesn’t want to, because he sees the whole idea as folly as well, but once Barry is stuck on something, he won’t shift his focus. So, if anything, Joe wants Harry to help Barry — Joe believes he’ll be much safer with Harry’s help.

His conversation with Joe convinces Harry to pitch in, và he finds both Barry and Cisco at, as Cisco describes it, a “Patch Adams nightmare” of an abandoned hospital where they’re hoping khổng lồ tap into some of that interdimensional energy. Harry has rejiggered the frequency of Cisco’s Vibe glasses, and though Cisco is hesitant at the prospect of what’s to lớn come, he puts them on và goes to lớn work.

Cisco harnesses the energy, beginning to mở cửa a tear between the worlds, one that Zoom finds on his own Earth. Whether Cisco senses the danger waiting for them on the other side or not, he stops the portal from fully opening, rips off the glasses and runs away, demanding they never ask him to vày this again.

Cisco’s initial hesitance clearly got to lớn him, and Barry tries lớn figure out the root of the problem back at base. He suspects it’s Zoom getting in Cisco’s head, but it’s not Zoom at all. It’s Reverb. He worries about the parallelism of their lives. He’s strong with the force, as is Reverb, and he’s concerned that should he tap into his full potential just as his doppelganger did, he’ll turn to the dark side.

Barry promises him that won’t happen because he has friends, a full family, that he can rely on, which is something Reverb didn’t have. Barry could easily have let all his nnhathocusg.com powers go to his head, but the tư vấn of those around him who helped him grow into a caring person prevented him from taking the path that Zoom or Reverb did.

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So Cisco agrees to vày it again, but before they do, a bit of previously siloed information leaks khổng lồ the whole group. As Barry comforts Caitlin over seeing Jay/Hunter again, she says there was no Jay on their Earth, and instead there was Hunter. That name piques Harry’s interest, who fills the group in on Hunter.

On Earth Two, Zolomon was a serial killer (rare for that Earth), an infamous murderer convicted on 23 counts. He was locked up in an asylum (The Earth Two version of that abandoned hospital) where the attendants locked him up in some serious Hannibal Lecter-like gear và forced Hunter to lớn undergo electroshock therapy. He naturally was in the midst of some shocks when the particle accelerator went off on that Earth, giving him the speed powers he used lớn the horrifying extents the group knows well.

Knowing who Hunter is allows them to also tap into his backstory, including the truth of what happened to his parents. The group uses this lớn their advantage as Cisco commits to lớn opening the portal. Zoom jumps through with ease, calling Barry unwise for allowing him to return. Barry responds by having Zoom chase him through the city, the added tachyon power nguồn allowing Barry to lớn stay ahead of his foe.

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The two make their way to lớn STAR Labs where Barry baits Zoom to follow him into their shooting range. Their, Zoom chases Barry until he’s stopped by a cardboard cutout of his father. He runs again và finds one of his mother, & the emotional disturbance in the midst of his devious ways gives Barry the upper hand. The scarlet speedster uses the leg brace gun khổng lồ root Zoom lớn the spot.

The two have a quick conversation after Zoom takes his mask off, as Barry describes how they knnhathocusg.com about who he was and how he was Zoom. Barry tries lớn tell Hunter that Caitlin was working khổng lồ save him & even made a cure, but it was only temporary, Zolomon spits back at him. He needs the tốc độ force lớn survive, and he doesn’t care who he kills khổng lồ get it. The guilt of causing that much pain was taken from him long ago, but he believes it’s time for him to take what he’s here for in the first place.

He breaks the leg brace và speeds off; Barry’s unable lớn find him… until they return khổng lồ the West household.

The strength of family, & how the absence of it can completely change a person’s life, is central lớn “Versus Zoom,” & Joe faces his own family issues in the episode. Barry clues him into Wally’s current predicament, as Joe’s biological son can no longer afford a room at his college. He’s not looking for someplace khổng lồ live. He’s looking to lớn live at Joe’s.

(Barry helps him crack this tough mystery while another West receives advice of her own. Iris chats with Caitlin about her planned date with Scott, the editor of her paper, which she ditched at the last minute. She couldn’t bring herself to bởi it, và Caitlin suspects it’s because of her feelings for Barry. Iris is weighing the impact of destiny, which includes her và Barry being married on Earth Two, as well as a sign from the future saying they’re married. They may be meant for each other, & she’s now seriously considering whether now is the time lớn make that future a reality.)

So Joe, being the consistent father of the year he is now two years running, makes a place for Wally in their home, if he’ll have it. Of course Wally takes the chance to live with his own father for the first time, but Zoom uses the proximity of the West family lớn his advantage. He takes Wally & demands Barry’s tốc độ in exchange for the young West’s life.

The whole group tries khổng lồ come up with some plan of rescuing Wally, but Barry sees only one possible option — khổng lồ give up his speed. Joe doesn’t want him to, but Barry says it’s his own choice to lớn make, and that they vì anything for family, a choice Zoom has not had to face.

Cisco vibes into Earth Two và gives Zoom the message that Barry is willing to lớn make the trade, and so Zoom appears back at STAR with Wally in tow. He releases Wally first (who then flees with Cisco at Joe & Iris’ behest), and then agrees to relinquish his speed.

Harry reconfigures what he used to originally sap Barry of his tốc độ force to lớn channel into Barry running on the treadmill in the lab. As they prepare, they ask Hunter a fnhathocusg.com questions about his plans & he’s surprisingly forthcoming. The Jay they saw killed was no speed mirage. He went back in time and found another version of himself, even convincing that version khổng lồ die for the cause (or so he says).

He made the decision khổng lồ kill the other him once all of the breaches were closed lớn offer the shock to the system they needed. Unfortunately, they receive no answer about the man in the mask at Zoom’s hideout (he tells them they wouldn’t believe who it was if he told them, so let your speculation continue until it is ultimately revealed).

Once the chatter comes to an end, Barry steps onto the treadmill and runs, runs, runs, until his tốc độ is completely taken from him. Zoom immediately injects himself with the force, soaking in the power nguồn before he slams Barry against the wall prepared to lớn vanquish him.

It takes Caitlin calling out khổng lồ the humanity in him to lớn make him stop. Her describing him as a quái nhân (which he remembers his mother saying khổng lồ his father), doesn’t hurt either, and so he lets Barry go, instead picking up Caitlin as he leaves.


After the success of Arrow, Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) gets his own CW treatment in this comic-themed spin-off.

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