Recently, Vietnamese stars were present at an event in Ho đưa ra Minh City. In which the golden couple of showbiz Dong Nhi – Ong Cao Thang always receive more attention when everywhere, the two always make fans happy with their gestures for each other. Recently, the online community is spreading the đoạn clip capturing the moment of Dong Nhi – Ong Cao Thang at the event.

Specifically, when Gil Le was playing music at the DJ table, under the guest artist area, Dong Nhi was equally “dancing”. In particular, at a nearby location, Ong Cao Thang turned his gaze to his wife & flashed a bright smile. It can be seen that, although he still “feels the beat”, he did not forget khổng lồ give Dong Nhi a “broken love” look, causing the online community lớn be in turmoil.

Before that, the team passing by also caught the moment of the two lovers in the event. Specifically, after Dong Nhi took a photo with Gil Le, Ong Cao Thang waited below lớn wait for his wife. As soon as he saw Dong Nhi, he gave her a sweet kiss publicly in the middle of the event. This moment immediately went viral & once again proved that Ong Cao Thang was the No. 1 male artist “addicted khổng lồ his wife”.

Some comments from the online community:

– Mr. Cao Thang is polite, handsome, kind, và rich.

Bạn đang xem: Vợ chồng đông nhi

– Look at Mr. Thang so cute.

– The brothers và sisters outside are super cute and friendly.

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– Nhi is like: “So handsome”.

– Oh my god, love this couple so much, love it, the cuteness of this couple makes many people melt.

Clips & Photos: Synthesis

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